Personal life


My name is Sadraldin Shariatmadari, my friends call me Sadra always, I graduated in Mechanical engineering but my needs was more exiting than this, I follow my ways in marketing segments and started my works in fashion fields, adding creativity to fashion and garments brand. Iran is one of the amazing parts of universe and my geographical life influence my aspects and approach in marketing, it was to adding culture into my campaigns, I worked with a lots of brands in Iran such as Boggi Milano, SPF, GEOX, Clarks ,… . during my business  life I started to train Iranian . manufacturer and lead them into new mood in those life.

The life of marketer like me covered with a lots of amazing experts, such as photography, I joined photography with story telling and used this view into all of my campaigns.

Now, photography is the main parts of my life, to see the nature with my lenses and my friend Nikon D810. I married with a pretty girl 5 years ago, her name is Arezo and she is a painter.

And now!

I like to show my country’s beauty to all, many people decided to visit Iran for business or adventure trip, yes you choose right direction and now, its the time to chose right person, if you decided to visit Iran like my trips all around the world, just call me, I will made to measure all schedule for you. Visit Iran like an adventurer!