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Brands in the today world, each are composed of economic and cultural position to shape high society. Historical heritage of each country is a precious heritage of that land people. Iran is one of the richest capitals in the ancient world, a land which is rich in culture and art and civilization. All over the country from North to South and from East to West can be easily sense traced back of a great civilization, Body Spinner is an idea arose from the ancient civilization of Iran. A valuable art that is transmitted to today life with clothing. Choosing this ancient and cultural hue is referred to formation of this brand. We made our country history to Teymare land history to universalize this magical art again.

History of petroglyphs

The lifetime of this art is estimated equal with human dating. The most ancient art is rock art for which there is no limitation. Its abstract motifs remind you of modern abstract paintings. The human designed different abstract on the rocks and in caves to transfer part of the data to posterity. Body spinner re-tells the ancient narratives with fashion art after thousands years of ancestors. The ancient engraving tools were pecking knocking tools at first that were creating by threshing stone on stone. These kinds of petroglyphs that are most dating were creating by negative engraving in caves and valleys and some mountains. After this period, animal hard bones knocking on the stone start which made the paints more subtle and more abstract. At this point human thought affects in the design and mythology of ancient were formed. In subsequent periods, they discovered the metal and the use of them, and sharp instruments used as instrument for designing and designs get stronger of art technique and unique abstraction.


Petroglyphs are the first traces of human history; few countries have these fascinating works in the world. Iran displayed one of the richest rock art structure to the world. Teymare land is located in the corner of beautiful plateau of Iran, near the Khomeini town. Thirty-one Teymare areas has more than 21 thousand ancient petroglyphs, some of them dating back is over more than  forty thousands years and, like a  valuable gem have them. Humans could not find any work of art and history, with this antiquity until now. These petroglyphs are contact bridge between human today’s and long ago to discover a path to the ancient world. With examining these petroglyphs we can see the changes and emergence of line. Checking pictograph and then ideogram and then liner and line related to primitive to 2300 BC periods are fully reflected in these petroglyphs.

The evolution of ibex pictograph

The ibex the symbol of mythical throughout history with its ups and downs in different nations has been changed many times. Including a picture from the rough nature to abstract image and ultimately it turned to the line and one of the ancient alphabet. Now this myth symbol is the Body Spinner brand logo, which is derived from the nature primitive. Now this off symbol in the Teymare valley returns to human life again and become a lofty design in our coverage.

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